City of Chandler requirements for sidewalk and road clearance

Within public right-of-ways, the use of plant materials that have thorns, rigid pointed blades or needles are not recommended. Use of plants with sharp protrusions shall be restricted to areas where the mature natural growth pattern of the plant (mature horizontal spread and/or vertical canopy clearance) will remain a minimum of three feet from any pedestrian surface or bicycle lane. All plant material shall be located to prevent encroachment of normal growth patterns into pedestrian or vehicular circulation areas and sight distance clear zones. All shrub and ground cover plantings shall maintain a minimum one-foot setback from walkways and back-of-curbs at maturity. For medians, maintain a minimum of two-foot setback from back-of-curb at maturity. Trees shall be selected and located to provide adequate vertical canopy clearance above pedestrian or vehicular circulation areas as follows: eight feet minimum above pedestrian walkways and 13’-6” minimum clearance above vehicular traffic. All trees must be located so the center line of the tree trunk is a minimum of five feet from walls or fences. The location and position of any plant materials shall not obstruct visibility of or restrict maintenance access to any signage or traffic control devices.