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What are Weeds!

We know there are times when we’ll get rains and the weeds just seem to pop up from nowhere, but we need to maintain them and keep them clear of our yards. The association does not require winter lawns to be placed in the front, but you still must maintain the front of your yard and its appearance.

Weeds as defined by the City of Chandler In the City Codes Chapter 30, Neighborhood Standards are:

“WEED: Any valueless, undesirable, invasive, or troublesome plant growing wild or
where it is not wanted including, but not limited to, vegetation which bears seeds of a
downy or wingy nature; tumbleweed, sagebrush, chaparral and any other brush or
vegetation of uncontrolled growth which may provide harborage for insects or other
infestations or which is likely to become a fire hazard when dry; and vegetation that is
otherwise noxious or dangerous; or dry grass, stubble or brush or other flammable
material which may endanger the public health or safety.”

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